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Unmasked by Jim Anderson

Unmasked by Jim Anderson

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In an era in which sexual sin is destroying marriages and families, toppling government leaders, causing rampant STDs among a generation, ravaging entire nations through AIDS, and inviting God’s judgment on nations, Unmasked is a book with revelation that could change our very culture.

Revelation about… God’s gift of sexuality. The heart of a woman. God’s true design for men and women. A father’s role in protecting his daughters and training his sons. The worship of sex that threatens nations with God’s judgment. The church’s mandate in a culture that worships sex. Revelation that offers… Release to women as they recognize the lies of the culture that as a pure daughter of the King. A challenge to men to rise up to be protectors instead of predators. A call to pastors and leaders to identify, confront, and tear down the worship of the sex gods in the culture and create a culture in the church to train God’s people in purity and His ways in relationships. Hope to a nation deserving of God’s judgment because of the shedding of innocent blood.

Unmasked: Exposing the Cultural Sexual Assault by Jim Anderson comes recommended by Pastor David and can be purchased from Sexuality Unmasked here.


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