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The KGB's Most Wanted by Joseph Bondarenko

The KGB's Most Wanted by Joseph Bondarenko

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The KGB's Most Wanted is the captivating story of a young pastor named Joseph, who in a twist of fate lived a life mirroring his biblical predecessor. The book exposes the realities and truths of Soviet Oppression that was hidden to the outside world behind the Iron Curtain of the 1960's. Join readers around the world as they follow the story of Joseph, learning of what he faced during arrest, imprisonment, and loss of freedom for almost ten years in the merciless state of the communist driven society of the U.S.S.R. Inside the walls of the GULAG, Bondarenko faced near-starvation, beatings, torture and evil, seen and unseen, all because he boldly proclaimed the Gospel and refused to accept the ways of communism and the ways of the hammer and the sickle.

The KGB's Most Wanted by Joseph Bondarenko comes recommended by Pastor David and can be purchased from Amazon here.


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