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Good Kills by David Engelhardt

Good Kills by David Engelhardt

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Is a sword the witch's tool? The use of negative force in our lives, churches, and culture has been relegated to the cultural movement toward positivity. We have been recently given a positive God who gives positive things to positive people, but that is a shallow understanding of our story. This shallow understanding of God and justice has produced insulin-riddled souls created by the syrupy cannons fired from the pulpits of our cultural critics.

If it is true that negative force through the sword, pain, repentance, and even death, brings order and flourishing to the human heart–in the correct adjudication, then we must travel through the lands of death to lead us to life. This book explores biblical and cultural issues as related to justice, goodness, and the use of the dark elements of our world in order to find our way back to life.
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